Thursday, February 18, 2010

Half-Mast on the Halfpipe

What a laugh! 

I was watching the men’s snowboard halfpipe competition yesterday. A lot of these guys were wearing what appeared to be jeans; and in the “gangsta” style, with the crotch of their pants down to the knees.

So here is this snowboarder, going up for a dazzling aerial stunt, and he’s mooning the camera with his underwear-clad butt (thank God for underwear). This guy's pants were at half-mast while he’s performing on the halfpipe. I have no idea how he kept them from falling down to his ankles. How did he compete dressed this way??

I suppose he wanted to look “cool”. Well, his derrière must have been cool enough, what with only a thin layer of cotton between it and the winter breeze.

I’ve always been bothered by this form of dress. I once saw a young man running for a bus while wearing jeans at mid-butt level. He had to hold onto them while trying to catch his ride. Needless to say, he didn’t make it.

Why wear your pants like this? It is so impractical and it looks so goofy! (although Goofy had enough sense to pull his pants up). And yet, young men have been wearing them this way for several years now. I keep waiting and hoping for the style to change lest I find that I can’t purchase any pants for myself that do anything to keep my rear end warm in the winter.

Here’s a suggestion. If it’s fashionable to wear your pants as if you haven’t pulled them all the way up, then how about wearing your sweater as if you haven’t pulled it all the way down?

Kind of like this:

Now that’s cool!

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